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SelecTech, Inc. was founded in 1993 with the mission of creating valuable products from scrap plastics. Using state-of-the-art technology and innovative product design, SelecTech created FreeStyle and SelecTile Flooring. With up to 70% recycled content and being 100% recyclable, FreeStyle Flooring is helping us achieve this mission.

SelecTech Quality Flooring Solutions

StaticStop ESD Flooring

Our StaticStop interlocking flooring tiles are the only ESD products available that have no disclaimers for high-moisture, irregular, and problem subfloors.

FreeStyle Flooring

FreeStyle Flooring represents the first interlocking flooring products that are truly designed for heavy duty commercial and industrial applications.

Place N'Go Flooring

Place N' Go is the residential line of our top performing interlocking flooring that is adhesive-free and easy to install even on basement floors.

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What our customers are saying

"Love the floor tile!!! Delivery was very quick, went in easy, and we love the way it looks! We're already telling our friends and family to look into it for themselves."

"Just wanted to let you know we love the flooring. We’ve had it in our basement now for three months, and our friends and family don’t notice a seam until after we show them the individual parts."
"With FreeStyle ESD™, we did the work over the weekend and were back in business on Monday morning."

“If you do a full cost analysis of FreeStyle ESD vs. glue down products, FreeStyle is a no-brainer. It was easy to install and it looks great. It is incredibly comfortable underfoot, which is an added bonus for our workers.”

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