FreeStyle Flooring Stain Test Makes its Mark on Hair Salon Owners, Not on the Floor

AVON, MA., /PR WORKS/ – Hair salon owners have long purchased FreeStyle commercial flooring for its ease of installation, thanks to its interlocking technology that requires no adhesives. The comfort and support it provides stylists has also been a key selling point. SelecTech, makers of FreeStyle tiles, recently conducted a stain test on its FreeStyle Commercial […]

A+ for StaticStop’s Newest ESD Product. FreeStyle ESDPlus Improves Look, Comfort and Static Control Capabilities

AVON, MA., /PR WORKS/ – When shopping for ESD flooring, buyers will often sacrifice style for substance. It’s far more important for ESD flooring to minimize the impact of static electricity, right? StaticStop’s newest product, FreeStyle ESDPlus, offers improved aesthetics with a polyurethane/ceramic finish that’s as attractive and easy to maintain as it is effective in […]

Making Cost and Flooring Click. SelecTech Unveils Click N Go Flooring as Part of its Place ‘N Go Line

AVON, MA., /PR WORKS/ — Homeowners often must make the choice between style and substance. When it comes to installing flooring for your basement, those two factors give way to ease of installation and price. To address all those issues, Selectech, a leader in the manufacture of innovative flooring products from recycled materials, recently introduced Click […]